Quality ranks first!

This is why texts are usually rendered from the foreign into the native language of the translator.

Of course, I also translate into English if so desired (into British or American English – whichever is required); to sustain and guarantee a high linguistic standard, highly complex texts will be proof-read by a native-language translator.

You as my client will receive only the ready-to-print end product – at no extra charge.

Feel free to benefit from this service!

I offer the following:
  • professional technical translations
  • outlines or abbreviated versions of texts
  • production of texts in the target language, based on keywords
  • correction of machine translations (computer-aided translations)
  • advisory service in German language and intercultural matters
  • overnight-express service

Fields of Expertise

  • medicine, pharmaceutics & complementary medicine
  • biology & bioscience
  • chemistry
  • genetics
  • astronomy
  • geology
  • general politics
  • media
  • music
  • technology & engineering
  • renewable energy
  • sports, leisure time, tourism
  • private matters

It goes without saying that your data will be treated discreetly and as strictly confidential